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Was T-Rex a vegetarian?


For help or information at the rally, see someone wearing one
of these vests.


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Thanks to everyone involved, from the organizers to our many endorsers to the hundreds of friends who traveled from all over the country, to make this an extraordinarily successful -- and peaceful -- demonstration.  Please continue to RALLY for REASON as you return home.  Use the enthusiasm and momentum from the demonstration to continue to speak out. 

This site will remain to provide space for written commentaries on why and how the AiG Creation Museum is damaging to both science and religion. 

The organizers continue to stress that they do not challenge the right of AiG to present their worldview. “They can teach that things fall up if they wish,” said Edwin Kagin of Union, Kentucky. “We are simply trying to show that the nonsense they are vending is not accepted by those who do not share their fundamentalist religious views.”

       Our purpose:  to promote the teaching of science and to raise public awareness of anti-science efforts by religious fundamentalists.

For more information contact:
[email protected]

This photo taken outside the gates of “Answers in Genesis,” May 28, 2007

 The organizers of Rally For Reason are aware that AiG monitors this website, since they employ some of the best computer techs in the business--the quality of their website attests to this fact.  This is even more amazing since computers are negligently not mentioned anywhere in the Bible.


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